Marion Schneider

About Time


How wonderful
to let time pass by slowly
enjoying the present

How stressful
to let time pass by slowly
and miss tomorrow

The time of the fourth dimension
The era of time
delightful and depressing

Until this day
when yesterday, today, tomorrow
make no difference

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Plan the future
but never rely on it
True Happiness is in the present
Focus on today

[Photo: Linda Troeller,]

To be free

It takes a lot of courage to take the liberty of liberating ourselves.

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For parents

The 10 commandments of parenthood
In our western culture, there are no longer any ceremonies which help mothers let go of their children. Many mothers believe that it is an expression of their love to have and maintain a close bond with their children. In reality, children undergo a process of gradual emancipation, which is necessary for them to become fully-rounded independent individuals. … more

About Criticism

Orient your criticism towards the future, even if it deals with the past.

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