Marion Schneider



Every single human being has a mother and a father. This is something that connects all of us to each other – as well as the fact that all humans come from one single source, if we follow the generations back to the origins of human existence.

Every single human being is unique, even when two people have the same parents. … more

The Earth


What if the earth is like our body? What if the water is her blood, the oil the lymphatic system, the minerals her brain? We take this from her and take it for granted. Her precious liquids such as oil are replaced by water, and we assume that this has no effect on her health. We press toxic gas into her and bury our waste under her skin. … more

Winner Linda Troeller

Linda won Honorable Mention for Orgasm Photographs and Interviews, Daylight 2014 by Linda Troeller and Marion Schneider from the International Photo Awards. The photos were chosen from almost 18,000 images. The awards are given Oct 27 at Carnegie Hall, NYC. Honorable mentions receive a certificate but not on stage, reserved for Photographer of the Years and some other top title award.  … more

Fake or True

It seems so attractive to show off gigantic profits. It should be an obligation, however, to provide information about the social and environmental circumstances which were created to generate them. Moreover, there needs to be – in addition to the profit reports – social and environmental reports connected with them as an obligation. Striving for the highest possible profits leads us straight into the abyss. … more

To Women who will get married

When you get married, your life will change without your doing anything. It happens without your active imput. Many people will suddenly treat you differently, and in the light of my experience, it will be to your disadvantage. You will lose your identity and become your husband’s wife… People do it automatically, even your own parents. They will talk to your husband instead of you. … more

Mothers and Wives

hinterm-netzt-ltCulture prepares women to be mothers and wives. Even if a mother does not want to model her daughter in this manner, her daughter will be influenced by those principles ruling in this mental, emotional, spiritual, and real world. We thus have to accept the existence of this dominant culture of male and female worlds, and in order not to have to surrender to it, we have to fully understand it. … more


Total domination
Total control
Total power
Owning the world

How romantic

When Romanticism becomes reality
Reality dissolves into delusion
What misfortune


Where does this drive towards submission come from?
Why is there still this infantile belief
In human omnipotence?
Male phantasies?


Adam and Eve chose knowledge and thus decided to reach God by becoming God. Therewith, with this very first step to knowledge, they forsook paradise, the oneness with God and with nature.

Knowledge separates those who acknowledge from the acknowledged. Knowledge is separation, separation is knowledge. The way to comprehensive knowledge leads through ever new, endlessly many separations.

Separation is pain. … more

Male World

In our dominant world culture, the male world is one of success. Men have to be winners. Men are to provide for their families and to have power. If men are friendly with one another, they will support and help each other in this task; if they do not know one another, they will compete.

Women or the woman is the essential status symbol in this world, more than anything else. … more

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