Marion Schneider

My Visit to Iran


2,500 Kilometers in twelve days was quite a trip to make. The route: Shiraz – Kerman – Yazd – Isfahan – Kashan – Teheran. As I have already traveled to many countries, I considered myself to be open-minded for this journey. I felt all the more prepared because I have visited Iran’s neighbors Turkey and Pakistan.

After my trip, many people asked me about my most significant experience. … more


The name “Israel“ is intimately related to the Jewish people. The country Israel, however, is also the country of the Palestinians. About 20% of Israel’s citizens speak the Arab language and are Palestinians.

Israel is definitely the country of Jewish religion. There is not one single Jewish religious methodology. Jewish religion is as colorful and diverse as the Jewish nation. People of many different countries with many different traditions over the hundreds of years of separated practice are now reunited. … more


Talk with Sajjad Hottiana at the ITB 2013


Sajjad Hottiana is the Chief Secretary of the region Gilgit-Baltistan.


If you visit Italy now, you can see signs of a new nationalism: Italian flags hanging out of flats, or in restaurants and hotels, symbolizing a certain political view. Yesterday, on July 13th, I watched the Italian-Bulgarian football match and the Italian spectators by chance. It was a great festival of joy – after every goal, the people cheered loudly and joyfully, laughing, singing and dancing. … more


What an impressive experience – to enter, travel around in and leave Japan. Never before have I seen such a clean and well-organised country. I am very impressed by the standard of living, by the affluence of this country; by the self-confidence of its people on the one hand, and by their friendliness and helpfulness on the other hand. In fact, however, I was only in Tokyo and cannot talk about all of Japan. … more


April, 2003

This is my third day in Sicily. You feel at home immediately because the people here know what hospitality is. Hospitality – the effort to understand others, even people who speak another language – is a part of everyday life here. The landscape is beautiful, and the weather is wonderful. Nature is rich although – together with the landscape – it has been tremendously defiled. … more


February, 2009


16.20 pm 15.00

Abu Dhabi International Airport

Terminal 1 Departure

Gate No. 4

Etihad Premium Counter


City of MERB, one of the highest centres of Islamic learning – only Buchara left. 1 Mio. people were killed by Genghis Khan. Mohammed Usman, Mervandi.

He came to Multan. He stayed in Sewan Sharif und opened a Rehab Centre (Khanqah) for people who suffered from the Genghis Khan invasion. … more


It is not so easy to visit Kaliningrad. First, you have to get a visa, which usually takes two weeks. You cannot spontaneously decide to go there. To reach Kaliningrad from Germany, you go through Poland. If you wish, you can take this journey from Bad Sulza to Kaliningrad in one day. The problem are the borders themselves. The German-Polish border is already jammed, and you have to wait for at least thirty minutes – if you are lucky. … more


What a surprise to see the little airport of Montevideo with its two runways after the huge dimensions of Brazil! How wonderful to be picked up by my warm-hearted old friend Pablo at the gate! I was his guest for the one full day that we spent together, and I really felt like a guest. He and his wife Gladys made sure that I didn’t miss anything. … more


My dear Jocelyne!

It is not only a pleasure to write to you today because I feel ill.

I have been in Tenerife, Canary Islands, for one week, studying the social systems and especially rehabilitation for patients in wheel chairs. It was interesting. The weather in Tenerife varies by only a few degrees all year round and thus can be called stable, warm, and windy, mostly sunny. … more

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